what is affiliate marketing.....?

what is affiliate marketing?

what is affiliate marketing business?what is an affiliate program  

 what is meant by affiliate marketing :

What is affiliate marketing and how does affiliate marketing work so we will discuss in this post what is affiliate marketing and how does it work step-by-step let's get started.

You guys must have question what is affiliate marketing how does it work how to make money from affiliate marketing?

Simple word definition of affiliate marketing is nothing but just online business practice where affiliate sends traffic To business website and where customer by product and in a return you get Commission from businesses.

 let's take one example:  everyone knows Amazon is a Giant online store on the internet today.if  i  register for the Amazon affiliate program and if I send traffic  To their website from my blog or  other such a platform and if the purchase is made by my affiliate link or can say if customers buy any product from my  given link then i will get Commission on that product and i wil  get suck  Commission on every product which purchased by an affiliate link.

In today's world every business want to grow more and more and for that many businesses  Implementing different strategies there are hundreds and thousands of businesses which providing affiliate programs and among them, Amazon affiliate program is very e popular.

So now u must have got an idea of what actually affiliate marketing is and how affiliate marketing works.

 How does affiliate marketing work

So if you want to work as an Affiliate For  business then you can join affiliate program  several affiliate programs which you can join if we talk particularly about the Amazon affiliate program then this is how work.

1) First, you have to go to affiliate program website

2) The second thing you will do you will paste merchant link product on ur blog page or your website page lets consider that product is cosmetic cream.

3)  Now you have pasted the product link on your page and if any visitor click on the link posted on your page and he will taken to the merchant website.

4)  Now visitors will buy that cosmetic product on that merchant site.

5) And at last, you will get whatever commission which is given on thier affiliate program.

So now you have a completely clear idea about how affiliate marketing work.

How to join an affiliate marketing program:

 Choose any one affiliate program. Suppose you chose the amazon affiliate program. So u have to fill ur complete detail it will take u 5 minutes. After that, your account will be instantly ready.

Now u have to choose product research about products that pay high commission and then paste crate link there and paste on your website blog or other social media platform.

And when someone buys a product through your link you will get a commission.

How u will get money for affiliate marketing:

So in affiliate marketing, some business pay for when a purchase is made and other pay for click mean when someone clinks on ur affiliate link. But u have to keep in mind u can only generate money when a purchase is made. So that's why the real mean is not paying per click. Merchant will not pay u till the purchase is not made by ur affiliate link.


So, in short, you will only get a percentage commission when customers buys any product by your affiliate link.

benefits of affiliate marketingadvantages of affiliate marketing

Why should you start affiliate marketings:

So there are may reasons that make affiliate marketing the best online business practice that any one can start right away.  Some reasons why affiliate marketing is best as following:

1) u don't need to have your own product for affiliate marketing. Here you simply promote or sponsor someones else product. And let me tell you there are thousands of products on merchant's site you can pick anyone which will pay high commission and that's it.

2anyone can start an affiliate marketing business or from anywhere. U can start affiliate marketing from any corner of the world with your laptop and internet.  

3) risk factor there is zero risks in affiliate marketing. You don't have to pay for anything everything u will do here is free of cost .dont need to spend a single penny. So these are advantages of affiliate marketing. benefits of being an affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing tips:

So here I will tell you some tips and ideas that will help if you trying your hand at affiliate marketing.

1)Find products that has value:

Always keep in mind while promoting affiliate product on your site that the product must be popular among people's and people who want to buy it . If the product don't have any value and you promote that product no one will buy that. And you will not get any profit. So choose a valued product.

2) commission:

Always chooses a product that has a high margin so whenever a purchase is made through your affiliate link you will get a high commission. It vary product-by-product it can be 40/ up to 80   that one can receive.

So this was all about affiliate marketing. We alked about what really affiliate markiting is and how dose it work and everything . If you like the article share with your friends .